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How Can We Help?

Hello friends! We know that these are difficult times for everyone, especially for our fellow small businesses. We’ve been putting some thought into how we can help out as we all navigate this unprecedented situation. There’s never been a more important time to collaborate, network, shout out, and support each other and we want to be a resource of knowledge and productivity for you!

Some of the ways that we are ready to help immediately:

  • Merch designs: We’d love to help get some merch ready and available for your customers. Especially for our friends in the restaurant and service industry who need a new way for their customers to show some love.
  • Product photos: We can arrange a way for you to get your products to us and we can provide photos that show off your products in their best light!
  • Help set up an online shop: Maybe you already have some merchandise available but don’t have an online marketplace yet. We can help!
  • Designs and photos for social media and advertising: We can help whip up something so you have fresh content to share with your fans.
  • Lend an ear: If you’re not sure what you need yet, we’re happy to brainstorm with you and come up with ways to help find some support.
There are so many amazing people in the small business community. We want to do our part to help ensure that restaurants, coffee shops, artists and creatives, and any other small business folks come out of this ready and able to continue doing what they do best.

If we’re all working together, we’re also supporting each other!

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