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Creativity in the time of COVID-19: Favorite Podcasts!

We're all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways, and as a very small business we are also affected economically. We're still very lucky in many ways regarding the current pandemic, and we're definitely trying to focus on the positive because many others are having much more devastating experiences.

SO, all that aside, we are seizing this time to focus on honing our skills and tapping into our creativity! Which, to be honest, has been quite challenging in this first week, as the constant barrage of bad news has been hard to fully ignore.

Oh, and we have a LOT of home organizing to do, books to read, and watchlists to conquer!


The Creative Pep Talk podcast, hosted by the enthusiastic visual storyteller, Andy J. Pizza, is an entertaining listen, sure. But whether he's carrying the whole episode on his own or chatting with guests like Abbi Jacobson, it's an hour of morale-boosting creative inspiration.

The DisneyLand for Designers podcast dives into the thinking behind how DisneyLand is designed. Packed with well-researched material by Mark Brickey (from Adventures In Design) and Jerrod Marayuma, the podcast gives some fascinating insight into how much work went into making sure DisneyLand is as immersive as possible! (For instance, did you know the castle is blue so that it feels farther away when you enter, increasing the feeling that you're about to embark on an adventure?!)

The Honest Designers podcast is available on various podcast platforms, and deals with a multitude of topics including finding your style, building your client list, and finding satisfaction in your work. The four designers in the podcast are from the UK, South Africa, and Portland, OR, so this adds an interesting international dimension to their perspectives.

And lastly, for some genuinely interesting interviews and hearty laughs (especially needed right now), check out Conan O'Brien's podcast, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. It's not really creative-biz related, but we wanted to throw in at least one lighthearted podcast that can help take the edge off these weird times.

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